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ven pongal recipe how to make pongal recipe khara - ven pongal recipe with step by step pics ven pongal is a delicious south indian breakfast made with rice yellow moong lentils pongal is laced with cumin asafoetida and black pepper not to forget the lovely aroma of ghee which is used for tempering these spices, banana appam recipe banana paniyaram recipe sweet - banana appam recipe with step by step photos delicious sweet appams or paniyarams made with ripe bananas rice flour and jaggery these banana appams make for a healthy sweet snack, padhuskitchen kerala style aviyal recipe kerala avial recipe - aviyal avial is a delicious preparation made with mixed vegetables curd coconut and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves it occupies an important place in kerala cuisine and is a must for onam sadya today let us learn how to make aviyal avial kerala style using this easy aviyal recipe, andhra recipes telugu vantalu 265 telugu recipes - tomato curry recipe one of the simplest of the tomato recipes from indian cuisine onion and tomatoes form the base of our indian curries we generally use them to make any curry and top up with the main vegetable like drumstick ladies finger cauliflower etc, ven pongal ghee pongal recipe how to make ven pongal - ven pongal is a very easy and comfort food mostly in weekend mornings i make it to laze around in contrast to vj aj won t even touch this one i make it only with chutney if i want to make it simple but brinjal or any sort of gothsu will be great side dish for pongal even tiffin sambar will, 500 south indian recipes south indian food south - corn pakoda recipe a quick evening snack recipe with sweet corn made in andhra style i know i have been sharing lot of fried snacks for sometime now, kovil puliyodharai temple style tamarind rice recipe - method this recipe basically revolves around 3 important items tamarind extract puliyodharai powder and freshly ground black pepper powder, puran poli recipe sweet and savory elaichi flavored - with its numerous variations puran poli is eaten across length and breadth of india and this recipe is for making one of most widely popular sweet and savory elaichi cardamom flavored pooran polis having delicious stuffing made of tuvar dal, moong dal recipe jain style no onion no garlic recipe - moong dal recipe is a tasty yet simple recipe which can be served with rice i usually make this dish when i am not in a mood to cook anything elaborate or when i have to cook something for me alone this is a jain style recipe jain recipes are purely vegetarian and do not include onion garlic brinjal jain food is purely satvik and simple but very tasty, homemade masala tea chai powder recipe indian khana - most of you known by now my love for home made masala and masala tea powder is not exception infact i don t like at all store brought masala tea powder they are just plain bad in my view some time they make tea taste real bad so for us it s total no no as we are tea people more than coffee this is my sister recipe which we all using for years now, paneer makhani butter paneer recipe indian khana - paneer makhani or butter paneer is easy paneer recipe perfect for party festival lunch dinner pot luck or even for lunch box i always make one paneer dish for guest and it s mostly paneer butter masala or this paneer makhani paneer makhani is popular north indian curry creamy and delicious with soft paneer it s a treat to eat paneer makhani goes well with naan kulcha paratha jeera, jeyashri s kitchen a vegetarian food blog with detailed - gulab jamun mix pakoras crispy pakoras made using left over gulab jamun mix recipe with video and step by step pictures recently i made a cookery show for the promotion of a popular brand of gulab jamun mix, ulli vada recipe how to make kerala style onion vada - you are here home starters and snacks recipes collection of 120 vegetarian starters and snacks recipes ulli vada recipe how to make kerala style onion vada, recipe index jeyashri s kitchen - this is the recipe index page of jeyashri s kitchen the recipes are given in detail and given with step wise pictures follow jeyashri s kitchen on facebook jeyashri s kitchen on instagram and other social media check the top right corner to hit like subscribe jeyashri s kitchen to get latest updates updated on march 11 2019 cooking for guests, bakery style wheat bran muffins recipe yummy tummy - preheat oven to 190 degree c line muffin tray with cupcake cases and set aside take flour wheat bran baking soda salt baking powder chocolate chips in a bowl and mix well, 1500 authentic south indian recipes with step by step - about south indian recipes rice is the staple food for the people of south india consumption of wheat is less compared to north india most of the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes of this region have a generous use of coconuts pepper mustard seed and other spices, spicy chicken stew recipe yummy tummy - chicken stew is a flavourful chicken curry which is a little runny but it is packed with flavours normally few vegetables are added into it to make it even more tasty stews are made differently each time they are normally less spicy and white in colour, punjabi aloo gobi recipe monsoon spice - learn how to make punjabi aloo gobi alu gobi simple stir fry of potatoes and cauliflower flavoured with aromatic indian spices