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the cherokee internet sacred text archive - sacred formulas of the cherokee by james mooney 1891 myths of the cherokee by james mooney 1900 the definitive study of cherokee mythology the cherokee ball play by james mooney 1890 the cherokee who call themselves the tsalagi originally occupied a large portion of the alleghany mountains, spittle define spittle at dictionary com - contemporary examples of spittle the depth of rage animus and violence that was directed at him spittle flying the n word flying continues to astound him, sifter define sifter at dictionary com - contemporary examples of sifter the sifter dumped flotsam bricks wiring barbecue grills bicycle wheels in piles to be shipped to landfills upstate, sacred texts com etext bibliography - this is a comprehensive bibliography of all complete books scanned at or for the internet sacred text archive if a file is listed here it normally indicates that this is the first place it was posted anywhere on the internet as far as we can determine, cherokees in alabama encyclopedia of alabama - trail of tears commemorative motorcycle ride by 1800 many cherokees lived on dispersed farmsteads in northeast alabama they established communities at turkey town wills town sauta brooms town and creek path at gunter s landing all of which provided leadership within the cherokee nation, cherokee ancestry language native american practices - three tribes of the cherokee there are three different tribes of the cherokees that are federally recognized the distinction of the three different tribes came during the trail of tears from cherokee north carolina to oklahoma, cheroqui wikipedia la enciclopedia libre - inici ndose aproximadamente al tiempo que la guerra de independencia de estados unidos a finales del 1700 las violaciones repetidas de los tratados por parte de los colonos blancos empujaron a algunos cheroqui a dejar su naci n estos disidentes se trasladar an a trav s del r o misisipi a las reas que m s tarde ser an los estados de arkansas y misuri, cherokee messenger native american herbal remedies - native american herbal remedies asthma skunk cabbage used by the winnebago and dakota tribes to stimulate the removal of phlegm in asthma the rootstock was official in the u s pharmacopoeia from 1820 to 1882 when it was used in respiratory and nervous disorders and in rheumatism and dropsy, carrot museum reference material and further reading - world carrot museum carrots reference sources and further reading main books internet jstor journal archive other main sources a cautionary note the carrot museum cautions you to not believe all studies please trust your own judgment as a researcher i am happy to share and cite studies that appear promising that carrots provide health giving properties, an intuitive study of rabbit tobacco gnaphalium - an intuitive study of rabbit tobacco gnaphalium obtusifolium l sweet everlasting cudweed old field balsam sweet white balsam indian posy life of man poverty weed fussy gussy