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nikon d5100 review kenrockwell com - the nikon d5100 is a huge bargain as of february 2013 because nikon is trying to clear out d5100 stock before introducing the d5200 already introduced elsewhere the d5100 the exact same technical image quality of the unbeaten nikon d7000 in a smaller lighter and much less expensive package when introduced a year ago people cheerfully paid 900 for the d5100 with lens while today it s, amazon com nikon d5100 from snapshots to great shots - nikon s much anticipated d5100 camera is here this new model replaces the popular d5000 and creates a nice bridge between the more beginner level d3100 and the high end d7000, ten tips and tricks for the nikon d5100 d5200 - edit 3012 05 07 while this post was originally written for the nikon d5100 all of these tips also apply to the d5200 so while i work on an updated nikon d5200 tips and tricks post start out by making use of these tips and of course they all still apply to the d5100, nikon d5100 autofocus settings kenrockwell com - this is how you set the autofocus af system of the nikon d5100 see my guide to nikon af settings for other cameras many of these settings are locked out when the d5100 is in the green auto mode set on the big top dial i shoot in the p mode which allows all these settings for this page use, nikon d5100 recommended lenses new camera - nikon d5100 recommended lenses the lens that nikon gives with your camera 18 55mm is a very good and sharp lens now the question is how to choose your next nikkor lens what kind of photos do you want to take read our recommended lens article and get your answer, nikon digital slr cameras - levels of nikon digital slrs while all of the nikon digital slr cameras capture images with exceptional color and detail there are several distinct levels of performance, nikon cameras d3100 d7000 d5100 coolpix jb hi fi - nikon cameras at the best prices in a wide range of colours a nikon camera is top of the range filter by price or functionality digital compact or slr, nikon d5100 for dummies cheat sheet dummies - from nikon d5100 for dummies by julie adair king with the d5100 digital camera nikon proves once again that you don t have to give an arm and a leg or strain your back and neck to enjoy dslr photography, nikon d810 setup guide with recommended settings - in conjunction with my camera guide for the new nikon d810 nikon d810 experience i have created a nikon d810 setup guide a comprehensive spreadsheet cheat sheet with recommended settings for the applicable menus all of the custom settings plus some shooting and exposure settings it has complete and separate camera setup recommendations for different types of shooting including, nikon d60 guide the digital slr guide - the d60 is the third generation of nikon s extremely popular entry level series of cameras preceded by the d40 and the d40x these entry level cameras distinguish themselves from nikon s more full featured units by their ease of use diminutive sizes and relatively low impact on your pocketbook, nikon 1 j1 review and user guide brian tobey photography - introduction the nikon j1 and v1 are the first mirrorless camera systems released by nikon this review focuses on the j1 model which is the not the same as the v1