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how to shut down and restart your synology nas manually - there s more than one way to shutdown and restart your synology nas including physical interaction with the nas software and scheduled events let s look at all three methods now related how to set up and get started with your synology nas typically your synology nas functions more like a, is it better to shut down sleep or leave a mac turned on - when it s not in use do you shut down your mac put it to sleep or just keep it turned on is one choice better than the others why and why not, how to uninstall programs on mac computers with pictures - wikihow is a wiki similar to wikipedia in the case of this article 31 people many anonymous came together to create this article when you see the green checkmark on a wikihow article it means that the article has also received careful review in the case of this article a trusted member of the wikihow community confirmed that the instructions worked for them, running mac os x maintenance scripts - running the mac os x maintenance scripts mac os x is a unix based system built in part on both bsd and freebsd unix systems run scheduled maintenance routines known as maintenance scripts to clean up a variety of system logs and temporary files by default these are executed between 03 15 and 05 30 hours local time depending on the script, shut down or reboot remote pc with a custom batch file - instead of typing the shutdown command each time save time by rebooting or shutting down your remote pc with a custom batch file instead, activation server shut down for creative suite adobe - vidzed you need manually track and put to trash almost everything what have adobe in name in application folder on your hd in library folder user folder then again try install cs2 from files what you downloaded, how to reboot remote pcs via the command prompt - microsoft remote desktop doesn t let a user shut down or reboot remote pcs in the gui here s how to shutdown and reboot remote pcs with the command prompt, operating systems is it still necessary to shut down - from a software perspective an operating system and the programs you run on it tend to accumulate all sorts of cruft over extended periods of use temporary files disk caches page files open file descriptors pipes sockets zombie processes memory leaks etc etc etc, how to speed up windows 10 from boot to shut down - warning when fast startup is enabled on your pc your computer will not shut down as it normally does this may lead to update issues if you want to update your pc or need to shut down your pc entirely turn off fast startup manually shut down the computer via the start or power user menu shut down or sign out shut down or perform a common restart, psa don t shut down your computer just use sleep or - in this day and age there s no reason to shut down your computer then sit through the boot up process when you want to use it save yourself time by putting your computer to sleep or hibernating it instead modern computers whether they re laptops desktops or tablets are designed to be used in this way, start an ftp or sftp server in mac os x - start an ftp or sftp server in mac os x forgive my ignorance but i have an imac that after installing lion and restarting i cannot log in to, is windows taking forever to shut down try this - updated by tina sieber on december 26 2016 shutting down windows seems like it should be a simple process you re just turning your pc off how to shut down windows 8 how to shut down windows 8 windows 8 brings the biggest changes to the familiar windows interface since windows 95 the shut down option isn t where you d expect to find it in fact the entire classic start menu and, add an email account to your iphone ipad or ipod touch - there are two ways you can set up an email account in the mail app on your ios device automatically or manually learn which option is best for you, about macos recovery apple support - newer mac computers and some older mac computers automatically try to start up from macos recovery over the internet when unable to start up from the built in recovery system when that happens you see a spinning globe instead of an apple logo during startup to manually start up from macos recovery over the internet press and hold option command r or shift option command r at startup, how to eject a cd from your mac 12 steps with pictures - how to eject a cd from your mac this wikihow teaches you how to eject a cd from your mac as well as how to remove a cd from an unresponsive cd drive while the last few generations of mac don t have cd drives older macs do and cds used, mac os x hints a community built collection of os x hints - we respect its storied history and value the contributions of its many readers but we can no longer support it at the level it deserves there s a wealth of great information here that many will find useful so we ve elected to maintain it in a read only form thanks for your many years of, fast file download manager for mac - there are multiple benefits in using download tool for mac over a web browser including splitting downloads in threads for faster fetching also a file downloader for mac can resume broken downloads while in a browser you ll need to start over folx file downloader also offers a unique system of sorting and storing of the downloaded content, parallels desktop for mac wikipedia - build 5160 released on september 11 2007 added some new features and updated some current features the release focused on updates to coherence with support for expos window shadows transparent windows and the ability to overlap several windows and mac windows further parallels image tool was updated to allow one to change their virtual hard disk format between plain and expanding, how to wipe your mac and reset it to factory settings - discover how to factory reset a macbook a step by step guide how to wipe all your data and settings before you sell your mac or pass it on to someone else updated december 2018, shutting down codeplex brian harrys blog - almost 11 years after we created codeplex it s time to say goodbye we launched codeplex in 2006 because we like others in the industry saw a need for a great place to share software over the years we ve seen a lot of amazing options come and go but at this point github is the de facto place for open source sharing and most open source projects have migrated there, how to physically connect disconnect and install a wd - this article explains how to physically connect disconnect and install a wd external easystore drive to a computer running windows10 8 7 vista and xp or macos, the safe mac iworm method of infection found - my question is if they know that its getting botnet instructions from the minecraft servers why don t they shut down the minecraft server i know minecraft is a popular game and all but if its servers are being used for criminal activity it should be shut down or some other remedy should be used to stop the criminal activity, how to latest news photos videos wired - find the latest how to news from wired see related science and technology articles photos slideshows and videos, the 25 best mac tips and tricks business insider - 1 the simplest and most common way to speed up your mac usage is utilize spotlight get there by hitting command space and you can quickly find files open apps search the web and make