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csmi home csmi solutions - csmi offers the humac norm extremity system the humac cybex upgrade sportsware injury tracking software and pvi home exercise software, factors associated with increased propensity for hamstring - 1 introduction over the past two decades injury trends in elite level soccer have changed1 2 with the hamstring muscle group now recognised as the most frequently injured structure accounting for more time lost than any other muscle group 3 4 indeed the initial football association audit of injuries 5 found that over a period of two seasons hamstring strains were the most prevalent, 1rm testing science for sport - the one repetition maximum 1rm test is often considered as the gold standard for assessing the strength capacity of individuals in non laboratory environments 1 it is simply defined as the maximal weight an individual can lift for only one repetition with correct technique the 1rm test, physiotherapy in leeds physio med sports physiotherapy - quality physiotherapy in leeds offering private physiotherapy services from rehabilitation massage to sports physio same day treatment monday to friday 8am to 8pm book now, medical and health sciences open research and reviews - welcome to the journal journal of medical and health sciences is an international open access journal this quarterly journal of research reviews aims to publish innovative scientific content as research papers case reports review articles short communications commentaries to name a few, re activating and strengthening the gluteal muscles - the gluteus maximus is especially active during stair climbing running and activities that involve stabilising the trunk against flexion 9 37 38 39 an exercise that combines these movements would trigger a strong contraction of the gluteus maximus and addresses both the stabilising and movement role, plantarflexor strength and endurance deficits associated - 1 introduction muscle weakness has been identified as an important factor in mid portion achilles tendinopathy at with experts suggesting this is the primary modifiable risk factor for athletic tendinopathy o neill watson barry 2016 the mid portion relates to the zone 2 6 cm proximal to the insertion whilst the insertion is the more distal section of the tendon, list e thesis faculty of science mahidol university library - 1 2 methoxyethoxy methoxy 2 phenylsulfonycyclopropane as d superscript 3 reagent somchai pisutjaroenpong abstract full text mahidol member only 17 beta estradiol mediated neuroprotection after spinal cord injury in rats required hsp27 upregulation