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two new data science books data science central - here is an update from zacharias voulgaris data science author video producer and acquisitions consultant the message below is from zacharias 1 produced videos for o reilly safari on data science programming languages and ai, definitive guide to growth hacking quicksprout com - there is a revolution taking place in the world of startup growth and we wanted to help people understand this new phenomenon those who understand growth hacking will have a competitive advantage that is hard to overstate and we wanted to provide a robust framework for thinking about it, the definitive fish oil buyer s guide chris kresser - ppt parts per trillion ppb parts per billion in a previous article we discussed selenium s protective effect against mercury toxicity if you are taking large doses of fish oil and not eating any whole fish it may be wise to ensure another regular source of selenium, the definitive guide to resistant starch mark s daily apple - a few years back i briefly covered a throwaway yahoo article about how carbs will make you lose weight because so many readers had emailed about it it turned out that the carbs in the article were resistant starch a type of carbohydrate that our digestive enzymes cannot break down i, top 10 analytics business intelligence trends for 2019 - become data driven in 2019 being data driven is no longer an ideal it is an expectation in the modern business world 2019 will be an exciting year of looking past all the hype and moving towards to extract the maximum value from state of the art online reporting software if you re ready to start your business intelligence journey or keep up with the 2019 trends trying our software for, informationweek serving the information needs of the - informationweek com news analysis and commentary on information technology trends including cloud computing devops data analytics it leadership cybersecurity and it infrastructure, uniqueness of medical data mining sciencedirect - 1 introductionthis article emphasizes the uniqueness of medical data mining this is a position paper in which the authors intent based on their medical and data mining experience is to alert the data mining community to the unique features of medical data mining, 10 rules for supply chain logistics optimization - supply chain and logistics optimization is neither easy nor cheap but it is the biggest opportunity for most companies to significantly reduce their cost and improve their performance for most supply chain and logistics operations there is an opportunity to reduce cost by 10 to 40 by making better decisions, coca cola leverages ai for inventory management supply - longstanding customer coca cola was glad to oblige with the aid of salesforce chief scientist richard socher whose deep learning startup metamind was acquired by salesforce a year ago for 33 million the demonstration showed off the newly launched visual recognition engine einstein vision which according to the blurbs enables customers to, why use r when you have tableau tableau vs r - i have seen many discussions around tableau vs r here are my thoughts on this topic tableau is a fantastic tool for pattern discovery using data visualization it is usually my tool of choice when i want throw some data and keep playing with the data to see whether any patterns emerge, upcoming events computer history museum - join common sense the stanford d school and the computer history museum for a conference on technology and well being featured speakers include craig newmark tristan harris and dr jenny radesky who along with other industry leaders and child health experts will explore ethical design that creates a healthier digital ecosystem for all, python books for beginning programmers pythonbooks org - python crash course is a fast paced thorough introduction to programming with python that will have you writing programs solving problems and making things that work in no time in the first half, vesicoureteral reflux guideline american urological - vesicoureteral reflux vur and urinary tract infections uti may detrimentally affect the overall health and renal function in affected children presenting with such conditions this clinical guideline covers assessment initial management surgical treatment and follow up management of pediatric patients with such disorders, talk python to me python conversations for passionate - talk python to me is a weekly podcast hosted by michael kennedy the show covers a wide array of python topics as well as many related topics, cover pages xml schemas - this document contains information relevant to xml schemas and is part of the cover pages resource the cover pages is a comprehensive web accessible reference collection supporting the sgml xml family of meta markup language standards and their application the principal objective in this public access knowledgebase is to promote and enable the use of open interoperable standards based, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa chicago harvard, izombie season 5 rob thomas warns fans to brace - izombie s final season kicks off on the cw this spring and creator rob thomas promises it will answer all of fans questions but we may lose some characters along the way, learn business free online courses class central - learn business with free online courses and moocs from university of illinois at urbana champaign university system of maryland university of pennsylvania wharton school of the university of pennsylvania and other top universities around the world, social engineering attacks common techniques how to - social engineering attacks are not only becoming more common against enterprises and smbs but they re also increasingly sophisticated with hackers devising ever more clever methods for fooling employees and individuals into handing over valuable company data enterprises must use due diligence in an effort to stay two steps ahead of cyber criminals, technology and science news abc news - get the latest science news and technology news read tech reviews and more at abc news, hnn bz hardware news network home - a good example of that would be a move into the area adjacent to its current flat pack kitchen range and into semi custom kitchens this is in a phrase popular at the moment a highly fragmented market where consolidation could see major benefits emerge, institute of medicine 1996 report on fas come over - executive summary fetal alcohol syndrome fas first described in the published medical literature in 1968 refers to a constellation of physical abnormalities most obvious in the features of the face and in the reduced size of the newborn and problems of behavior and cognition in children born to mothers who drank heavily during pregnancy