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soa exam gh design and pricing theinfiniteactuary com - derek works full time as an instructor with tia and enjoys helping students get through difficult exams prior to tia derek worked as a consulting actuary in atlanta ga, soa orchestration vs choreography stack overflow - since the thread is old but still writing to it for those who will stumbled here in search of this question as i did this is much debated question in service oriented architecture soa which needs much cleaner explanation for beginners orchestration executable process, form or soa oregon settlement offer application 150 101 157 - 3 frequently asked questions do i need an accountant or attorney to help me you can probably complete the form on your own if you need help your assigned revenue agent or settlement, accounts receivables interview questions geekinterview com - accounts receivables 75 accounts receivables interview questions and 207 answers by expert members with experience in accounts receivables subject discuss each question in detail for better understanding and in depth knowledge of accounts receivables, subaru outback questions cvt transmission blown cargurus - full of regrets you know what s really interesting about this post is that someone and you know who you are said that the 2nd edition cvt transmission was built better than the 1st edition starting in 2010 with the subaru outback limited, rest tools support for development and testing stack - there is a similar question here but it only covers some of the issues below we have a client who requires web services using rest we have tons of experience using soap and over time have gathered together a really good set of tools for soap development and testing e g, subaru forester questions why does subaru have a - i recently became aware that my 2001 forester has a leaking head gasket and a bad wheel bearing although the vehicle is 12 years old it has only 95 000 miles and has been meticulously cared for i have all the service records dating back to the first oil change i contacted subaru and kindly asked that they include my car in their extended head gasket warranty because of the vehicle s low, dns can t resolve hostname nslookup can server fault - it appears from what you re saying that the request for windows cs is going to the isps dns server now and again the nxdomain result is then cached by windows dns client and thus used for any retries with a web browser ping etc clearing the cache ipconfig flushdns should force the windows dns client to retry the query but there s no guarantee it won t go to the isp dns server again, dns can t set example com as a cname record super user - you cannot set a cname record for a root domain e g example com because that would break rfc 1034 section 3 6 2 which states if a cname rr is present at a node no other data should be present this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases cannot be different, apt get update cannot find ubuntu servers ask ubuntu - it sounds like a dns issue to fix it you need to ensure that etc resolv conf has good entries for dns servers google has public dns servers that you can use so for example you could add the following 2 lines to the top of your etc resolv conf file these point at the google dns servers as detailed above nameserver 8 8 8 8 nameserver 8 8 4 4, overriding some dns entries in bind for internal networks - i have an internal network with a dns server running bind connected to the internet through a single gateway my domain example com is managed by an external dns provider some of the entries in, is there a way to get the complete zone file for a domain - you can try to initiate a zone transfer you are right though no sanely configured dns server should still allow this nowadays not just because as a zone admin you don t want to expose your internals but also because axfr responses are way bigger than the queries so they prove to be an excellent way for dos reflection attacks as a 100 bytes spoofable udp package can make a server send, 12 oz butcher block conditioner the home depot - find the howard 12 fl oz butcher block conditioner bbc012 water resistant the waxes are naturally antibacterial for additional protection and the conditioner exceeds fda regulations for direct and indirect contact with food at the home depot, ask tom converting clobs to varchar - dear tom how does one display a long datatype column variable of a table on the same line after an xml tag for example we are using sql plus to write a file containing xml tags at the beginning of each record via a select statement, exam rules grades and accreditation - the cas board of directors approved the following transition rules for the education structure that was implemented in the fall of 2015 to receive credit for the new exam s on statistics and probabilistic models during the transition the candidate must have credit for exams st and lc and the vee applied statistical methods educational requirement, dsxchange view topic how and where the scratch disk - we are working on xml files is extremely vague as to what your job is doing you can work on xml files with a text editor take time to analyze and list out the following 1 what operations does your job perform that will cause it to use your defined scratch disks, fandom one shots official part two of exclusive - i ve had a hard decision to make about this page one that really either way that i went i couldn t win those of you that have been with me for a while know that i had a long break from this page a break that was in part down to people copying and pasting my fics onto different websites and claiming it as their own, mayans mc imagine tumblr - summary ezekiel and y n dated in university before the death of his mother although he told you not to you waited the 8 long years until he gets released now you re reunited you have to ask yourself will it ever be like it was, dean winchester x witch reader tumblr - anon requested hey so i have a request with dean winchester and female witch reader which after a hunt where she save him with magic and she tell him she is a witch but he s not mad cause he trust y n and found useful having a witch on hunt thank you being a witch was both a blessing, how to find a suitable journal to publish your work - read 178 answers by scientists with 588 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by juan esteban palomar tarancon on jul 2 2014, what happens if i don t pay my credit card debts - what will happen if you don t pay your credit card debts will you go to jail because of it these and a lot of other questions about credit cards have been answered below courtesy of a credit card officer which i had the opportunity to interview due to the sensitivity of the topic the credit, central intelligence agency wikipedia - the central intelligence agency cia is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the united states tasked with gathering processing and analyzing national security information from around the world primarily through the use of human intelligence humint as one of the principal members of the united states intelligence community ic the cia reports to the